You Can’t Make Me Airsick Episode 80

Sal & His Father Flying Together

This week’s episode delves into Sal’s lifelong passion for aviation. It humorously touches on his military days when Drill Instructors refused to call him ‘Marinello,’ opting for ‘Private Ello’ instead, to avoid the word ‘Marine’ in his name!

Sal recounts his time with the 3d LAAM Battalion (HAWK Missiles) as well as the pivotal moment of his first flight, underscoring the seriousness of his commitment to learning. A highlight this week is the discussion of ‘Get-There-itis,’ a mindset that can prove fatal in aviation. He shares an anecdote about a commercial student’s unexpected surrender of the controls during a critical maneuver, revealing the unpredictability of instructing. Sal also shares an introduction to flight that he did when another student surprised him!

He also relays the aero training with the renowned Patty Wagstaff, which inspired this week’s title. He reflects on his first CFI Checkride which resulted in an initial failure that turned into a valuable lesson in life about persistence in the face of challenges. He concludes this week with a touching story of flying with his father, which he has documented in the Air Facts Journal.

Raw recording session of our time with Sal!