I’m a Frickin’ Piñata Episode 81

Ready Deck

Join hosts Fig and RePete as they explore the remarkable life of “Jungle,” a man whose experiences could fill an action-packed novel. From his beginnings in Navy ROTC to exhilarating missions piloting F-14Ds, Jungle’s story is a thrilling ride of high-stakes and remarkable achievements. Discover his incredible non-stop transcontinental flight, demanding desert operations, and the tense moments of Operation Southern Watch. Jungle also reveals behind-the-scenes tales from his time at Miramar, including the allure of the Miramar O’Club on Wednesday nights in Southern California. Immerse yourself in the suspense of night-time aircraft launch and recovery. Experience the excitement of narrowly avoiding ejection multiple times. Understand how Jungle’s motto, “Make them want to take you!” influenced single-seat pilots to appreciate the benefits of an additional crew member. This episode is more than a story; it’s a gateway into the life of an aviation icon. Tune in for an unmissable journey!