Into The Wild Blue Yonder

B-24 Crew 1944, Italy

by Edwin “Rosie” Rossillon

In Episode 95, we chatted with Rosie; member of the Greatest Generation. He wrote a short book about his experiences growing up in rural Kansas to flying as a nose turret gunner in the B-24 Liberator over southern Europe from his base in Italy during the second World War.

He was reluctant to publish it; thinking no one would be interested, that perhaps it wasn’t good enough. Essentially he’d written it as a cathartic exercise. But after being on with us he has come to understand that people are genuinely interested in the life he lived and the sacrifices he made and was willing to make for all of us.

In that light he has agreed to let us publish his story here. Into the Wild Blue Yonder© by Edwin “Rosie” Rossillon. It is presented here for your pleasure.

Thank you, Rosie. For your service, your sacrifices on our behalf, and for sharing that part of your life when you answered a call no young man should have to answer. You did it selflessly and for a country you loved. You passed it on to us all and you do the memory of your brothers-in-arms proud by doing so. May God bless you and the United States.