Nowhere To Go But Up Episode 23

For Your Eyes Only

Double-L of the “Hollywood Guard” regales us with stories from Marine bootcamp to doing really dangerous things like fighting fires with an airplane… “More dangerous than combat.” When you are flying and you feel the heat of the fire it causes you to reconsider the intelligence of your life-choices.

Getting to Bagram Air Base, Double-L soon learned he was on the bottom of the Commanding General’s shit-list without even trying…. So he did something that was sure to impress him.

Oh – and when you’re under attack – it’s a bad idea to call home and tell that to mama.

Finally, hear how this week’s photo went from inception to reality!

One thought on “Nowhere To Go But Up Episode 23

  1. What an awesome story…
    However, I gotta question (Ok, multiple questions sorry). How do you plan for, adjust for the change in the CG (Center of Gravity) once the drop has been done on the fire. Also, does the plane have to drop the entire load or is there a way have multiple drops or perhaps modulate or attenuate the drop/adjust the dispersal pattern.

    I would love the hear more on the risk management process. I mean your an Air Guard aircraft flying a mission for BLM, CALFIRE, or who ever… the trap of “Mission-itis” or mission creep has to be huge. I think there is a lot to discuss there.

    Double L needs a to cleared for another lap in the pattern.

    Thank you again Fig and Repete!


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