Keep an Eye Out for Me Episode 26

Fatty & The Crew

Fatty joins the show this week to talk about how he became a Guardsman – and the benefits thereof. He tells how plans went awry when the BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure Commission) got rid of his F-15 Squadron while he was in flight school and how he managed to adapt and overcome.

When he found himself in Afghanistan over Christmas of ~2010 Fatty found entertainment in providing roofies to his flight commander: You, dear listener, know that commander well! But they actually did some flying there as well – and you’ll learn about air-drops to resupply the troops in the field and how that works.

We close out with yet another amazing story of challenges overcome. Fatty’s journey from knowing he’d lost his ability to do what he loved to overcoming every hurdle in front of him will inspire others to persevere when all hope seems lost.

Music is again provided courtesy of Dos Gringos! Thank you! (NSFW)