She Hit Me! Episode 35

SWA 1380

Our second hour with “Bonnie” as she relates her time in the fleet flying A-7’s and Hornets – and one of the funniest practical jokes ever played on someone intent on being an accurate ‘bomber.’

She tells us about her rough start at SouthWest. Then things get real, and we learn how close SWA-1380 came to being a disaster. Heroic and dedicated airmanship saved the day. Period. Full stop.

Please take the time to read her book, Nerves of Steel, and learn how a lifetime of experiences and preparation led to the successful outcome that day in April of 2018. You won’t be disappointed.

3 thoughts on “She Hit Me! Episode 35

  1. I really enjoy the podcast. I am not a pilot but often wish I had been. I love reading aviation books and want to suggest that you create an area on your page that lists aviation related books that are worthy of reading. I read Fate is the Hunter many years ago and have loved aviation tales ever since. It gives me a break from my day to day life and the stress of being a criminal defense attorney. Thank you for the work in putting this podcast together. It never disappoints.

    1. Thank you for the nice note! That’s a good idea. I am pretty jammed up at the moment re. web site changes, but I think I can get to that next week. I know that “Nasty” from episodes 17 & 18 has a book coming out in early Feb, called Lead to Win. So, that and Nerves of Steel will be the first two on our list!

  2. Bonnie…
    I am completely amazed at the composure, professionalism and ability to adjust the mission of SW 1380. That was simply outstanding.

    Beyond this, I stand as a Naval Aviator and with nothing but respect for what you over came to earn your wings, a place in the community of tactical aviation and in the never ending on slaught FOD that was put in your way because of your gender. In looking back, I am dismayed that this was a process that even had to happen.

    What I find even more astounding, was that we know others saw this going on, did nothing to stand up for what was right and as therefore offered their tacit approval.

    I am a Scout leader and will be sharing this story as an example of outstanding leadership from which they can learn so many valuable life lessons.

    I want to point one other observation I have made, you have done all of these amazing accomplishments and done so while be “Selfless.” I think in almost every step of your story, you put always seem to place the needs of others first and that is hallmark of a great leader.

    Yet you pressed on, not only succeeded but essentially came out on top and did it the right way. Yours is a story of not just physical courage but moral and mental courage.

    Thank you for your service, the sacrafices endured by you and your family, & lastly for sharing this most amazing story.

    John Hall USCG, APRN

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