Which Kid Is Your Favorite Episode 33

This is the second show with Dos Gringos – Trip and Snooze joined us to talk more about their music, their experiences in combat and their latest project to help veteran performers and composers get a shot at a big break without having to quit their day job first! If you’d like to help out with this worthy cause, please visit them at Operation Encore. This is the last show […]

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Dos Gringos

They Lack Judgment Episode 32

This week, Dos Gringos join us for some discussion about their music and their flying careers in the F-16. It was fun to learn how they became the Dos Gringos and hearing about the “Highway of Tears.” We also chatted about their time flying Southern Watch, Op Enduring Freedom, and Op Iraqi Freedom. We hear some of their songs during the show and some of the back stories to them. […]

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Twin Towers CG

Don’t Do Anything Stupid Episode 31

Our second hour with Coast Guard H-65 Pilot “Sticks” begins with a funny story about a wildly specific “target” for their Search & Rescue “SAR” mission. The things get real as he talks about 9-11 and how things went for them that week.   What we (and most people) would consider wildly dangerous is just another Wednesday afternoon for your Coast Guard aviators. They do things every day as a […]

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Coast Guard Aviation

Are You Sure It’s Mine? Episode 30

Coast Guard pilot and medical professional, “Sticks,” joins us to talk about his path to a commission in the Coast Guard by way of the Merchant Marine Academy. He talks Leadership Training and some of the funny things that happened along the way; like losing his sword as the Regimental Executive Officer in his senior year – and totally gooning the drill commands – and how he recovered. After a […]

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American Quest

He Left His Footprint on My Face Episode 29

We are proud to welcome our first helicopter pilot, “GT” this week: Capt. Wayne Tunick USN (ret) author of the book “American Quest” The book is a fun read and traces the career of a young man who had never considered the military as he serves his country and his fellow man. GT had a successful career as a Navy Helicopter pilot who learned early on the seriousness of aviation […]

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The Walk Down

The Boss is HAM’N Episode 28

What’s the worst part about being a Blue Angel? Get the unbelievable answer here. And what’s the best part? Lawman says it’s completing a successful tour with the team. We say the corollary is the camaraderie that comes with professionals doing what appears to be impossible and making it look easy, all while holding each other to the highest standard, and of course tormenting each other relentlessly. You will howl […]

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Lawman - Blue Angel 2

NEVER Talk to the Boss Again Episode 27

Our third show with Lawman is a fun one. He opens the show describing how embarrassed he felt living the good life in Qatar while getting combat pay – though he did have to go to Afghanistan to prevent the outbreak of violence between the Marines and the Air Force! Then we back into how he was serving as the Full-Time Support (FTS) Officer for the Marine Reserve squadron in […]

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Fatty & The Crew

Keep an Eye Out for Me Episode 26

Fatty joins the show this week to talk about how he became a Guardsman – and the benefits thereof. He tells how plans went awry when the BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure Commission) got rid of his F-15 Squadron while he was in flight school and how he managed to adapt and overcome. When he found himself in Afghanistan over Christmas of ~2010 Fatty found entertainment in providing roofies to […]

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Here’s to Woody. The Last Worst Day Episode 25

In our second hour with Lawman, things get real. This episode is not entirely comprised of our usual light-hearted hijinks and buffoonery – though we throw some in for good measure. Lawman details months of training aboard the USS Nassau, and losing a squadron mate, Buick, during a night training sortie in the lead-up to Gulf War I. Spending months aboard the boat before the war without going ashore was maddening. […]

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Lawman and His Trusty Steed

The Lieutenant Savoy Incident Episode 24

Lawman sat with us for more than 5 hours to discuss his unique career before becoming a Blue Angel; and how he got to fly almost every plane in the Marine Corps inventory in Afghanistan. We will break this into about five shows and likely intersperse other shows in between. Lawman is a natural storyteller; he had us howling with laughter and choking up in despair. You’ll hear how his upbringing set him up for success in […]

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