Sounds Like the Beginning of a Dirty Joke: Episode 6

Chaz joins Fig & Repete to tell of his adventures as the child of a Pennsylvania Railroad engineer; learning to fly and making life decisions based on recruitment posters! Now retired from the majors, Chaz is a font of aviation lore. We spent a little less than two hours together and realized we were only about half-way through, at best. This interview is split into two shows – the first […]

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9-Point buck Luke hit in 1992

Harrier: 1 – Nine-Point Buck: Zero Episode 5

Luke Joins hosts Fig & Repete to talk about his journey from the midwest to the Naval Academy. He tells how he became a Marine heavy helicopter pilot and Harrier pilot. He recounts a couple of brushes with disaster and how he avoided jumping out of a Harrier right before leaving active duty. There is a saying in aviation: It’s better to be lucky than good. But when your luck […]

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So there I was… Welcome Aboard!

Join hosts Fig & Repete as they invite aviation professionals from all over to recount their experiences. The latest episode will appear right below this intro. You can subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Android, iHeart Radio, Stitcher or ANYWHERE you get your podcasts! If you want to subscribe with your pod-catcher software – enter this URL in your Podcast Playing App: So There I Was […]

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